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This is professional and supervisory work in a treatment program for youth committed to the custody of the Missouri Division of Youth Services located in Buchanan County, St. Joseph, Missouri.i This position assumes responsibility, together with staff, for the safety, personal conduct, care, and therapy of the youth in a group, implements group and individual treatment plans, maintains security in buildings, grounds, and other posts, and intervenes during emergencies or altercations to prevent escapes and gain physical control of youth.i The following tasks are the responsibility of the Youth Group Leader:iSupervises, trains, and evaluates staff members of the treatment teams; supervises staff in the treatment process; and assists in training and career development activities.Serves as the "group leader" in guiding the group interaction process.Interacts critically and constructively with staff members to develop and implement successful treatment techniques. Communicates with court and community-based staff regarding each youth's progress, placement plans, and family issues; prepares reports regarding youth's progress, adjustments, and related matters. Keeps staff informed of significant behavioral conditions known about an individual and/or the group.Ability to work a variety of shifts, weekends, holidays, and overtime; and the ability to respond to crises situations.i*All interested applicants must meet the minimum requirements of the YS I position.Qualifications:i One or more years of experience as a Youth Specialist II with the Missouri Uniform Classification and Pay System; and possession of a high school diploma or proof of high school equivalency, and a valid vehicle operator's license.ORA Bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university with a minimum of 15 earned credit hours in one or a combination of the following: Counseling, Criminal Justice, Education, Psychology, Sociology, or Social Work; and,One or more years of professional experience in the treatment of juveniles which involved group or individual counseling techniques; and possession of a valid vehicle operator's license.(24 earned graduate credit hours from an accredited college or university in the specified areas may substitute for the required experience.) (Work experience in a residential treatment program which involved casework, group counseling, juvenile rehabilitation, probation and parole, and/or social work for youth {12-17 years of age} may substitute on a year-for-year basis for the required degree.) i